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Hey there! I’m Cub Shup and I’m so excited to see you here! So you are probably wondering about my name. Well, you guessed it correctly: I love doing ‘gupshup’! But mind you, I only like exciting and useful ‘gupshup’. I like to know what’s happening around me and in the world and I love passing the news on to you so you can get as smart as…ahem…well…me! Seriously, it’s not enough to score well in school man! You got to be smart and aware of things happening around you so can do your own bit too. So here’s your big chance to get smart, cool and the envy of all your friends. Just check out all the latest at the Hoopsters-Newsable news links given below. But wait, that’s not all!  You can have even more fun and get even smarter by joining the Hoopsters Cub Reporters network.

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Alaka, Aashna Arora
Four students from DPS - North school, got to meet the Hon’ble Lokayukta Mr Justice Santosh Hegde at the Karnataka Lokayukta office at an interactive visit organized by Hoopsters.

Here are some excerpts from their Q&A session with the Hon’ble Lokayukta Mr. Justice Santosh Hegde, presented by them in their own ways.

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News is the latest information on anything that is happening around you – in your locality, city, state country or anywhere in the world. It is usually about an important event or happening that affects many people and is of interest or useful to most people. News can be about anything – famous people, politics, sports, entertainment, the economy, business,  crime , civic administration, etc.  But whatever it is, following news keeps us informed, smart and aware. Today we have many ways of getting news - newspapers, TV, radio, internet/social media/mobile phones, etc. Now imagine if we didn’t have any of these around us? Wouldn’t we be totally lost? We may not survive even a day, right??? 

News is usually reported by a news  or media organization or a news agency.  Media is any means of information communication and a media organization could be running a newspaper/TV channel /website/radio or all of these and a news agency is an organization that supplies news to media organizations. In India PTI is one of the oldest news agencies.  News agencies and media organizations have people working for them called reporters who go out, get  the information,  and write/re[ort about it which is published / aired /broadcast depending on what the media -- print based (newspaper/magazines et c), or TV, internet based  (websites) or radio .  A reporter is also a journalist. Journalist is a broad term referred to anyone involved in the communication of news/happenings /events over the mass media either as a reporter, editor, correspondent/ news reader etc.  

Here is a quick list for you to follow:

  • Always be alert to what is happening around you
  • Once you are alert, you will automatically pick out what’s new
  • The most important things to mention while reporting a news are: 1. What happened  2. When it happened 3. Where it happened  4. Who were involved 5. How it happened and in this same order.
  • Remember your news report has to be clear, easy to follow and factually correct. You should not make mistakes while reporting news. So if you are in doubt about the information you should cross check.
  • Go through the above list again and remember them always.
  • Next find out if there’s new happening in your neighbourhood/apartment or school .
  • You can event   pick out any event listed in the newspaper,  ask your parent to take you there and then write about it.
  • If you recently visited any interesting place with family or friends (a holiday trip for eg,  or a monument or park in the city)  or went on a school picnic you can write about that
  • You can also write  about anything interesting that happened in your school
  • If you met someone interesting you could write about that person
  • You can also write about a movie or T V programme you recently watched  or a book you recently read
  • Your write-up can  be about 100-200 words and make sure to support your write-up with a picture or video
  • Next log on to hoopsters, click on the cub reporters section and once you come here click on the Submit button. A form will open up where you  can fill in all the details

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Next time Sushmita, Riddhi, Ritika, Kajol and Srivalli go to a hotel, they will view things with new eyes. For having got a glimpse at Royal Orchid.

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The students of Aryan Presidency School were taken to visit the Ravi Graphics Printing Press, where the Hoopla magazine is printed.

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Everyday in the media you hear about injustice and you wonder why this happens when there are bodies and forces in the country to curb them.

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“It rocks.” “It’s cool” “There’s so much to it.” These were some of the words used to describe a radio station - the Radio Indigo station to be precise - by a group of 3 students

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A visit to the Bangalore High Court is truly an enriching experience.The High Court building itself is so beautiful.

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Akshaya VRaman , a class 8 student of Ryan International School in Faridabad, talks about her experience in the wonderful Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

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