"We all talk about leaving behind a better planet for our children but don’t you think it is time we thought of leaving behind better kids for the planet."

Trust us, we are still figuring it out! This is because the scope of Hoopsters is too vast to be defined. But at the core of it, we can tell you that it’s about giving children a healthy environment to grow in. This means making children go beyond their digital/ gadget obsession to discover the world around. But for this to happen requires the involvement of all the stakeholders – the parents, the educators, the corporates, government bodies, prominent citizens and others. And Hoopsters aims to do that. So we can say that Hoopsters is an eco-system of change catalysts - motivated children, parents, educators and others who work towards change and community ownership. Hoopsters is thus community and membership driven and offers the following:

  • Interactive activities & workshops focused on real life skills & awareness.
  • Community initiatives that groom ‘Action Heroes’.
  • Opportunities to showcase talent and achievements.
  • Counselling and information support for parents.
  • Interactive programmes for both parents and children together.
  • Awareness creation through expert articles and real life stories.
  • Other special privileges.

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