Children for Change

Every child who performs thoughtful deeds, be it at home or outside, is a Super Hooper. With each deed, they show us that they care.

We are looking for Super Hooper stories like:

• Helping around the house with chores
• Taking up any cause like saving water, saving electricity
. • Initiatives to clean up the house, apartment block or neighbourhood
• Acts of kindness towards people and animals.
• Planting trees at home or in the neighbourhood
• Conducting activities or taking up initiatives that benefit the society.
These are some examples. What matters is the child being proactive and taking some initiative. Even something as small as making sure all the taps at home are turned off, makes on a Super Hooper. Because, that is where change begins.

• Click on “Click on Super Hooper Contest”
• To submit, you will have to first register yourself. This is a simple process and has NO FEES attached to it. All you have to do is fill up a simple registration form.
• Once you login, click on the “SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY” option.
• You will be directed to a submission page.
• Choose “Images” or “Videos” on the top left corner.
• Fill the subscription form as directed.
• Upload the image/ videos from your desktop or phone.
• In the text box, upload your article or write up. Please ensure that you do not upload screenshots or images of articles written on paper. This will lead to disqualification.
• Click on “Submit”
• Once your submission is received, it will be reviewed by the Hoopsters Admin panel and published in the respective pages.
• Choose “Images” or “Videos” on the top left corner.

The best entries will be shortlisted and nominated for the LEAGUE OF ACTION HEROES AWARD. You will also be featured in the Hoopsters Wall of Fame.
Winners will receive the following:
• The LOAH Award
• Exciting Prizes for Hoopsters
• A video interview that will be published on HoopEx TV and HoopEx TV Kids
• Promotion on our website and social media pages
• A chance to talk at the next HoopEx Talks

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