Culture, science, music, arts, crafts, food, natural resources… there is nothing that India cannot boast about. But how often do we really pause to feel proud about our nation?
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The Indian cuisine is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Our food is known for the strong flavors and the variety that is available. But, there is a lot more to Indian Food. All our recipes, even the regular food we cook, have been scientifically designed to provide the body with the most important nutrients and also keep the body healthy always. If you find that hard to believe, check out the seven wonder spices that we use in our daily cooking and the role that they play in nourishing the body.

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The culinary richness of a state can only be gauged by trying out its food, and nothing better than its thali to get a sense of its local culture and diversity. Thali is a sum of all the staples specific to a certain area and usually that comprises an array of lentil broth, veggies and meats, pickles with a portion of rice or roti, as the case may be. What adds to the charm of eating a thali is that every state has such strikingly different offerings, combinations and use of spices that it is almost like meeting up the locals and sharing a meal with them.

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You can ask anyone across the globe to describe Indian food and they will find just one word, “ SPICY!” It is true, imagine cooking without any spice! But, like everything else, even the spices that we Indians use in our food are very well thought of and extremely well balanced.

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