A place for parents, educators and others to come together and form a community of sensible nurturers.

Parent +TV a unique, one of a kind project which encompasses all aspects of parenting on a single platform. Our panelists include expert and counselors across the fields of education, health, relationships, special needs and sexuality with their wide and varied experiences contributing to making this platform not only educational, but also fun and entertaining. This is a space that addresses parents as parents and parents as individuals through various support, networking and empowerment mechanisms to help them get more involved and hands on with their parenting skills and help them personally as individuals to have coping mechanisms. Our aim is to build a support group for parents with resources, activities, events - online and offline, helping parents to enjoy their parenthood. We would be delighted to have you speak to us on the issues you face with your child/children, how you resolved them, suggestions that can help parent-child bonding and in any way you think you can contribute to the well being of parenting.


What Parents want

  • What a Parent want for their kids

  • What a Parent want for their kids

  • What a Parent want for their kids

  • What a Parent want for their kids

  • When should one go to a counsellor?

  • What is counseling

  • How does counselling help?

  • What to expect when you visit a counsellor

  • What is LGBT

  • How common is homosexuality

  • Why are people homophobic

  • What are the challenges LGBT community faces

  • Dr Sangeeta Saksena on Bullying

  • Bullying - Talking to a Bullied Kid

  • Bullying - Talking to a Bully

  • Bullying - Being Onlookers
Child Sexual Abuse

  • What is Child Sexual Abuse?

  • Child Sexual Abuse - Dorment Feelings

  • Child Sexual Abuse - The Real Problem

  • Child Sexual Abuse - Young Boys are Sexually Abused too...

  • Parenting - Dr Sangeeta Saksena on Parenting

  • Parenting - Concerns of Parents

  • Parenting - Importance of Social Development in Children

  • Parents were once children too...
Sex and sexuality

  • Sexual Health and Relationship Well Being

  • Sexual Orientation and Different Types of It

  • Male Genitalia

  • Functioning of Male Genitalia