Want to know how you can make an idly or a roti as interesting as a pizza or a pasta to your child? Wondering how to wean your pre-teen off social media? Seeking some tips on how you can get your child get into reading?


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Sarada Narayanan

This mother of two teenagers feels that parenting is a bit like teaching the kids to cycle -- at some point, let go and help them manage their challenges on their own.
Of late the rate of 'parenting' articles appearing on my FB page is very high. That's possibly the result of my efforts to read related articles from some of the mushrooming parenting sites.

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These are real life scenarios shared by our therapists on various emotional and mental healthcare conditions that they come across. They have shared them in order to spread awareness while ensuring strict confidentiality and privacy of the people involved. This section also includes experiences shared by our member parents, which can help other parents.

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