Sexuality has a big bearing on our emotional and also our physical health. But we hesitate to seek help for any sexual issue we face due to ignorance and the taboo surrounding it. That is unfortunate because unchecked sexual problems and frustrations can not only affect emotional well-being, but can also lead to destructive individual and social behaviour. Sexual awareness and understanding can this play a very crucial role.

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‘Lack of sex can wreak havoc’

If you have an issue with sex, get help fast because we underestimate the importance of a healthy sex life, says Mathura. M.

Who best understands the value of food? Someone who goes hungry without it, right? Who can best talk about the need for sleep? Someone who goes through sleepless nights, correct? So, having spent a major part of my life without sex, I can tell you that sex is vital for a feeling of well-being and self-confidence.

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These are real life scenarios shared by our therapists on various emotional and mental healthcare conditions that they come across. They have shared them in order to spread awareness while ensuring strict confidentiality and privacy of the people involved. This section also includes experiences shared by our member parents, which can help other parents.

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