Parenting is parenting, whether you parent a biological child or an adopted child. But the challenges for an adoptive parents can often be distinct and unique. And while their numbers are growing, there are not many comprehensive Indian platforms for them to access support, share and come together as a community. Hence this space.

Some practical advice for adoptive parents by Aanchal Tyagi

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When to tell the child about his or her journey?

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Emotional/mental health

We all know that we need a healthy mind in a healthy body to function well. But how many of us really pay attention to this?

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One of the most misunderstood, miscommunicated, mispresented, ignorance- ridden, controversy-generating topics -- that’s sexuality for you. And yet we cannot deny that it is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

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Adult Relationships

Relationships are central to our sense of well-being since as human being we are social animals and don’t live in isolation. All our relationships occupy different spheres – parental, marital, social, professional, etc. Each relationship has its own dynamics and they all have as symbiotic relationship with our emotional and mental health.

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Parenting Tips

From establishing your baby’s sleep patterns to finding a good nanny, from helping the child cope with exams stress to managing the adolescent’s peer pressure, there is no end to your needs and situations as a parent as your child keeps growing.

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