School is the most important place for a child after home and teachers are the most important people in a child’s life after the parents.

In this section educators share their experiences, insights and tips that can help all parents.

Teachers Share Their Stories

Knowing what the teachers go through can teach us a lot about our children. Read what these teachers have to say about their experiences and the challenges that they face.

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Expert Views

Experts, including educators, share their insights and tips on a range of aspects related to schooling and education.

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Hoopsters Parents Café will be organizing workshops for teachers and parents at schools associated with us. These will be conducted by our experts on a range of issues.

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Share your Stories/experience/ideas

Your experience can inspire and help others. Feel free to share and spread the insights and lessons you have gathered as a teacher/educator.

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Know your Schools

How to select the right school for your child? How do boards really make a difference? How exactly is the Montessori system different? Get your basics on schools and schooling systems.

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Hoopsters @ Schools

This is a unique new platform for schools and educators to offer value-added education to students and parents. Hoopster facilitates innovative activities and interactive programmes.

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