Today many of us straddle multiple roles as both individuals and parents and they all come with their own set of expectations and challenges. The breakdown of traditional family systems, increased competitiveness, the stress arising from work life balance, peer pressure, kids’ increased exposure to adult content, their own academic pressures…all these coupled with individual emotional issues can seem overwhelming at times. This is a community to share and seek support for all such issues that parents face as individual in their own right and as nurturers. It goes to show that you are not alone. Read on as our member parents and experts share their experiences and perspectives.

Happy parenting

Bharathi Surendranath N, a mother of two daughters, shares her views on creating a happy home.


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Emotional/mental health

We all know that we need a healthy mind in a healthy body to function well. But how many of us really pay attention to this?

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One of the most misunderstood, miscommunicated, mispresented, ignorance- ridden, controversy-generating topics -- that’s sexuality for you. And yet we cannot deny that it is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

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Adult Relationships

Relationships are central to our sense of well-being since as human being we are social animals and don’t live in isolation. All our relationships occupy different spheres – parental, marital, social, professional, etc. Each relationship has its own dynamics and they all have as symbiotic relationship with our emotional and mental health.

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Parenting Tips

From establishing your baby’s sleep patterns to finding a good nanny, from helping the child cope with exams stress to managing the adolescent’s peer pressure, there is no end to your needs and situations as a parent as your child keeps growing.

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