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Digital Detox and how!

Upturn Learning has crafted an initiative called "Digital Detox" for children in the age group 10 to 15 years. This has been backed by research on the overwhelming gadget time children are clocking. Upturn put an amazing panel of mentors together and designed a 5-day detox which helps children think beyond gadgets.

Digital Detox initiates children to think beyond gadgets by creating fresh connections and associations on important elements like Superhero Play, Gardening, Composting, Theatre, Baking, Photography, Writing and Entrepreneurial thinking.

The 27 children in the first batch have now learnt from each mentor and are all geared up to restart a rocking childhood beyond gadgets...

This initiative has not only touched lives of children, it has also connected them deeply with their parents as live updates from the program were sent to parents and the parents experienced a very new side of their children this week!

Single parents huddle together

It was an interesting evening for this bunch of single parents who came together to share their experiences. Organized by Upturn, the event saw many new ideas come to the fore.

Organized by Ishwarya Kumar Ahmed of Upturn, the event had a panel comprising a psychologist, a single mom and a single dad and the participants shared interesting experiences and insights from their journey as single parents.

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