Hoopsters @ NammRadio

Episode 1 - Know stress for No Stress

Nowadays, people are more focused in establishing a more concrete lifestyle. They do everything they can do to make their lives more stable. And in order for them to finally achieve their goals, they always push themselves up to their limits. That’s what people do. When it comes to pushing their limits to the edge, they often disregard the negative sides of their lives. That is why it is normal for everyone to somehow experience and encounter stressful events and situations along the way and in some cases most of the time. Mostly, it might be due to the environment, people, pressure or too much of something such as work.

Episode 2 - Emotional needs of childhood

Good friends and encouraging words from adults and parents are all important for helping children develop self confidence, high self-esteem, and a healthy emotional outlook on life. A child's physical and mental healths are both important in his overall development.

Episode 3 - Peer pressure in kids, should grades reflect child’s intelligence?

They say don’t judge the book by its cover. You can never find a standardized procedure to judge a child by his grades since every individuals talent lies in different spheres. But if it’s still mandatory, a person could judge a child by his capability in any one of his talents. Be it painting, aptitude, mechanics, spatial, etc.

Episode 4 -
Is it necessary for every child to be multi talented to excel. Why are we pushing them?