Want to know how you can make an idly or a roti as interesting as a pizza or a pasta to your child? Wondering how to wean your pre-teen off social media? Seeking some tips on how you can get your child get into reading? Looking for some ways to make your child more responsible at home and outside?

Feeling anxious about your 13 year old child suddenly becoming so withdrawn? Read on as other parents share tips related to so many important tips!

And remember, this is your space! So if you have some interesting parenting tips to share, submit them  here !   . You could help many other parent out there!

Parenting Stories

Check out what other parents have to say about an interesting experience or how they coped with a challenging situation.

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Expert Views

Get our experts’ views on some things very relevant to you – from parenting and schooling issues to individual and relationship challenges.

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Check out the interactive progammes we will be organizing for you, to be conducted by our experts on topics related to parenting, relationships and more...

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Do not hesitate to seek help if you have a personal problem. Better to take steps now than regret later. Reach out to our panel of counsellors.

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Share your experience/tips

Got something interesting to share that can help other parents? This is your space. Read more …

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Check out some interesting articles on parenting, relationships and everything else related to the mental and emotional health space. As you read them, do also think of sharing your own views too, if you have anything interesting to say.

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