When we are going through our emotional struggles it seems like we are the only ones trapped in them, like our problems are so unique that we are the only ones facing them. Well, in such times just knowing that there are many others out there like us, going through what we are going through, perhaps even something bigger, and still dealing with it, give us some solace. It helps in knowing we are not alone. Given here are some such real life stories…

It is also encouraging and inspiring to know that there are people who have taken the first bold steps, in spite of themselves, in admitting that they need help and sought the right help in order to lead a happy life.

Also remember this is a mutually supportive community, so do share your own story too if you think it can help others. Click here

Story of the Week: Recovering from a marital trauma

Read how this 35 year old woman is fighting to find her true self after a bad marriage ended.
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Clash of personality can wreak havoc

This is the case of a 45 year old lady married for 20 years. Both the wife and the husband are employed, although it has to be mentioned that at the time of marriage she had a better job.

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How to regain hope?

This is regarding a 38 year old woman who has been married for 13 years and has a 12 year old daughter. She and her husband are both techies. They are extremely independent ...

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Resolve sexual issues for a healthy emotional life

This is the case of a couple who have been married for ten years. The wife is aged 40 and the husband is 45 years old. They have a non-existent sexual life.

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