Almost all of us face some personal/emotional/relationship issue or the other; but when our issue becomes so overwhelming that it affects our everyday life, then it’s a sign for us to take immediate steps. Now as parents, our emotional issues have a double impact because they affect our children too. When our emotional/relationship issues become too big, we feel unable to give our children the care they need. But having brought them into this world it is our responsibility to make sure we give them a happy childhood and nurture their physical and emotional health.

This means resolving our issues first. This is why in Parents' Cafe we focus on both -- you the parent and you the individual -- and help you address issues on both fronts.

So this is a space where you can:
  • Read other real life stories, so you know you are not alone
  • Share your own real story on how you overcame your emotional problems so you can inspire others Click here
  • Share your problem in privacy and seek help from our counsellors Click here

Real Life Stories

It very often seems like a lonely battle when we are struggling with our emotional problems, day in and day out. Well, it should console us to know that there are many others out there like us.

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Expert Views

Get our experts’ views on some things very relevant to you – from parenting and schooling issues to individual and relationship challenges.

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Check out the interactive progammes we will be organizing for you, to be conducted by our experts on topics related to parenting, relationships and more...

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Seeking support/Meet our Counsellors

Do not hesitate to seek help if you have a personal problem. Better to take steps now than regret later. Reach out to our panel of counsellors.

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Share your Experience

If you have had challenging and traumatic experiences in life, please share your story here. We will ensure your privacy. By sharing, you might not only feel better, you could also help/inspire someone else… so if you are all set to share, great going!

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Check out some interesting articles on parenting, relationships and everything else related to the mental and emotional health space. As you read them, do also think of sharing your own views too, if you have anything interesting to say.

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